Solid rivets are great fasteners to use in applications where high strength is correct. Rivet Tools offer a permanent tamper-proof bond especially useful in airplane and auto industries. However, rivets are also useful in the assembly of tools and clothing.

The solid type rivet usually shows a mushroom-like structure. A filter end facilitates an extensive go. Several types of Structural Rivets are available for a wide range of uses. However, within development and production areas, the most commonly used fastener is the solid rivet.

In spite of all the developments in fastening methods, such as sticking and tightening up, captivating is still one of the main method used by the aircraft assembly market and also by other lightweight construction industries where the high strength sheet is not weldable.

  • Cost-Effective

Solid fasteners are amongst the most affordable on the marketplace. However, their low price doesn’t in any way detract from their efficacy. They offer an eye-catching alternative to welding and adhesive joints in various assembly operations. Structural Rivets assist to manage production costs, which makes the solid rivet a cost-effective means of assembly. Additionally, the lightweight nature of the rivets allows keeping transportation expenses low even when large quantities have to be transferred.

  • Improves Production Output

Solid Rivet Toolsmotivate high production rates. The rivets are easy to use and do not require specific procedures or equipment to install. Hydraulic tools or portable hammers are mostly used to install the rivets. This allows quick assembly of products which will help keep production expenses down.

  • High Resilience

Since they’re created from tough metals, the rivets usually maintain their structure even during installation. Breaks, cracking or deformations are not the sort of incident you should be expecting with these rivets. Once installed, the rivets are likely to last for several years. Structural Rivets need two people to install because the joint has to be utilised from both ends. This leads to a rigorous quality control process. The tamper-proof high-quality guarantees producers of high standards during assembly.

  • Durable

Solid Rivet Toolshave a higher potential to deal with deterioration level of resistance even when exposed to moisture or chemicals. The fasteners are typically made of high strength materials such as stainless and galvanized steel, titanium, nickel-based and aluminium alloys. Once installed, the rivets usually last several years. They do not easily show signs of wear and tear. This contributes to the longevity of products being secured.

Selecting Your Rivet Gun

If you don’t already own the right Rivet Gun and are in the marketplace for one, check around with other contractors before you buy. Be sure you get the kind of gun you need. Don’t fail and be misled into buying an air hammer or air chisels just because the price is eye-catching. Although the thing might look like a Rivet Gun, and sound much like one, too, a Rivet Gun it won’t. The problem with an air hammer is that it simply strikes too hard and too fast.