What Is Travertine?

It is a type of limestone that gets accumulated around mineral spring deposits. It is heavily used and one of the most preferred flooring materials. The Travertine Tiles In Melbourne are very popular. It comes in a variety of earth tone colours including beige, rust, brown and even tan.

Travertine Tiles Melbourne

But it too has its pros and cons which we will like to highlight in this blog. The blog will help you understand the maintenance needs, installation requirements and points you need to be careful to get the perfect floor for your indoor or outdoor space.


  • Style and aesthetics

Travertine tiles look ageless, they are beautiful and they have been in existence for a long time. Using travertine in the flooring installation thus can pique up any boring décor and make it ooze with royalty and prestige. The mild tones and the swirling unique and hazy patterns give a gorgeous effect to the surface and since each piece is naturally formed the design is one-of-a-kind that befits subtly to your décor.

  • Subdued

If you like to experiment and don’t like the conventional ways of doing things, this might be just the right thing for you. Coming in another style effect, the travertine tiles come in designs featuring soft palettes in a wide variety of colours. Popularly found in tan and beiges, you can also go for grey, which looks stunning with white hues and brings a towering difference in your overall décor with all the dramatic colours.

  • Durability

They take the beating without showing any damages such as chipping, cracking, scratching or any other type of damage to the surface. But over time, the weathering effect can occur, which is even better as the stone ages to give certain characters to the tiles and evoke the ancient look that is so much prized around.

  • Long-lasting

Regular maintenance is demanded by this natural stone floor, if you do that literally they will last for decades. The weathering effect is loved by many people, but if you are not “that person” you can easily prevent weathering by using stone sealing agents.

  • Ease of Repair

It comes in a tile form and thus when a tile is broken you can easily replace it. If you are installing a new floor, you can keep a few extra tiles so as to have a backup for the repairs.


  • Complicated maintenance

While the tiles are solid, durable and aesthetically great they have microscopic pores on the surface that can require little extra cleaning effort. You can overcome that problem by applying a penetrating sealer, and barrier surface sealer.

Travertine Pavers Melbourne

  • Heaviness 

They are quite heavy and installation is difficult and time-consuming. It is best to leave the installation to the professionals. Also, you can easily find professionals for the installation of Travertine Pavers In Melbourne easily.

  • Expense

They are a bit expensive and but not as expensive as other natural stones. They fall under the mid-range natural stone options. Also, the cost of the installation material and professional need adds up to the expense thus it can be a bit intimidating for a person.

Source: Advantages And Disadvantages Of Travertine Tiles In Melbourne