Oily skin is not limited to the teenage years. Many things can cause a person to have oily skin such as pregnancy, a stress filled life, and genetics. Sometimes the oily skin can also lead to an outbreak of acne, even in the adult years. There are several easy acne and oily skin care treatments that anyone can try.

Keep the Face Clean

Wash the face and neck area at least twice a day is one of the best acne treatments for oily skin. It will help dissolve the oil and keep the pores from becoming clogged. Do not wash more than twice daily because doing more than that could actually dry the skin out too much. The Doctor’s Book of Home Remedies recommends exfoliating as part of a face cleansing routine. Try to find a cleanser or toner that contains alpha-hydroxy acid, tea tree oil, or salicylic acid for the best acne and oily skin treatment. These are easy to find at any drug store.

After washing the face, apply an oil free moisturizer that contains a sunscreen to keep sun damage and wrinkles at bay. Ask a dermatologist for their recommendations as to which one would be best for specific skin type.

Use Oil Free Makeup

Many make ups are oil based and can lead to oily skin and acne breakouts. Read the packaging carefully and make sure it is labeled “oil free.”

Mineral makeup is probably the best makeup for oily skin. It will help to absorb any excess oil and many have a natural sunscreen in them as well. Be sure to keep all brushes used to apply mineral makeup clean. They can harbor bacteria which can lead to acne breakouts.

Use Acne Spot Treatments

Some acne medications can lead to overly dry skin if used all over the face. Opt for spot treatments that contain tea tree oil, salicylic acid, or benzoyl peroxide. Make sure to use sunscreen on top of the treatment since some can make the face more sensitive to the sun.

Use Oil Absorbent Sheets and Clay Face Masks

Many drug stores sell packages of small oil absorbing sheets. To use this oily skin care treatment, periodically pat the sheet over the face several times a day to remove excess oil and shine from the face. However, we would recommend a natural based product from Grahams Natural.

Another way to remove oil from the skin is to apply a natural clay mask. The clay mask will also tighten the skin and help it to look young.

Talk to a Doctor About Oily Skin Treatments

Many times professional intervention is needed to fully treat acne and oily skin. A dermatologist can write prescriptions for medications that cannot be found over the counter at the local drug store. Many of these treatments are very effective, but should only be done under the supervision of a doctor.

A dermatologist might also be able to recommend some natural treatments for oily skin. For example, The Prescription for Nutritional Healing recommends cleansing the liver and blood so that they can break down and flush out extra hormones in the body that could be causing excess oil and acne breakouts. It recommends drinking herbal teas containing milk thistle, burdock root, dandelion, and red cover. Many of these teas can be found in local grocery stores or in health food stores.