A deck is the first thing you must have on your list for your Adelaide home. Springs are just around the corner and a beautiful deck would be great to spend quality time outdoors. Decks are good! They add up to current the living space and serve as a space where you can have some “my-time” – relaxing and entertaining yourself.

No wonder folks around Adelaide are in constant search of the best Builders Adelaide to build them a new deck or extend their old one. But if you are willing to take on this job all alone, you need to know 7 possible mistakes commonly made so as to save you time and money. Let’s see what they are.

Ignoring Permit

It is right to think that you can build any type of deck you want on your property. Well, sort of. The first thing you need is a copy of local codes for decking and railing. You just don’t jump-start, building codes are to be taken seriously.

Fortunately, it is not that hard to find, the information is easily available online or you can reach out to the authorities directly. Avoiding this can even result in tearing down your beloved deck. Taking permissions is better than losing something you built with so much love and hard work.

Material type

The second thing you need to take care of is what variety of wood and treatment you are choosing. You can opt for composite decking as they are maintenance-free. The right treatment is also important so as to slow down the deterioration rate. You need to take care of deck joists, beams, and ledgers that are installed using the wood treatment for ground contact use.


For any project, it is important you spend a significant amount of time planning. Modifications are much easy to do at an early stage than in the construction phase. So, make sure the changes you want are in the designing stage.

Forgetting to seal the deck

Deck seal extends the life of wood and thus protects your deck from external factors. It is important that you seal the deck to avoid unnecessary expenses later.


You will require hardware products such as joist hangers, post-to-beam hardware, rail mounting brackets, deck screws, and other things in accordance with the particular design of the deck you want. So, this is also a reason we recommend a local Builder Adelaide to build you a deck as they would be more qualified and knowledgeable about hardware.


Depending on the type of deck you want, decide whether you will be needing handrails or not. Make sure you don’t forget that. A deck with more than 4 steps in length requires a continuous handrail on at least one side.


It needs to look good too. Don’t neglect aesthetics and it is recommended that you use band details around the edges to hide the end of the joists. You can also wrap the structural posts or trim the cap and base.