“Party” – how will you react after hearing? A word can be a mood changer for anyone, correct me if I’m wrong. Of course, but what if it’s your time to throw a party whether it’s a business success party, birthday party, farewell party, corporate party or any other all you need to do is PLANNING. From venue booking to finding the best function rooms Melbourne and menu decision to handle parking, you’ve to become a multitasker to ensure about smooth activity process.

Whether you believe it or not but selecting and booking function venues Melbourne is no less than a cumbersome process. There is n number of factors that may take your time, money and attention because a small mistake can drag you toward a pit of humiliation. Do you want to get known as a “best party thrower”? Then, go through the guide and make a beautiful impact.

  • Know your target audience and guest size

Before finalizing any party plot for your event, just be ready with a guest list that who’ll attend your event. For safe side, you can take follow up through phone calls that who is going to come to the party. This way, you’ll get a rough estimation of guest size. You may have so many friends, colleagues, neighbours, relatives but it is up to you, how many people will join you on your big day. Prioritize your guest and acknowledge their arrival which is surely a smart move.

  • Catering can change the game

Identifying your audience can give an idea of the way you should take your party. If your target audience is kids then you should make a party full of fun, music, play stores, and yummy food counters. And if your target audience is CEOs or Managers then you should throw a sophisticated party where you can include pleasing music, cater them a packet of goodness.

  • Deliver your guest a packet of convenience

Don’t forget to include your guest convenience. You should not select a location where they can’t afford or feel convenient to attend. Select a venue location to where your guests work often reflects on the number of people that will attend. Also, you can consider alcohol consumption and transportation services.

  • Weather plays a vital role

Till the ceremony starts, keep an eye on the weather and adjust your needs accordingly. If you’re planning an event and it’s about to rain then you should keep backup plans to stay your guest out of inconvenience.

  • Knowledge and experience

You can also ask your friend or colleagues for a recommendation if they can suggest a good location then after inquiring the place you can jump on their choices for making an event awe-inspiring.