Back pain – An unneglectable back condition can lead your health into a big pit. How will you know about your back condition? Well, no need to furrow the brow, relax! Back pain is a very common complaint among people no matter how old they are, it is one of the primary reasons for most of the workers to visit a doctor or even take leave from office due to back pain. As per a sharp research, 8 out of 10 people normally complain about back pain and consult spine specialist surgeon in Ahmedabad to live a healthy life.

People who suffer from back pain could feel a dull constant pain, a sudden sharp pain which comes and goes, or it can also be a lasting chronic pain. However, the constant pain can last any time; it might be cured after a week, a month or a year. If you are having a chronic lasting pain or continuous jerk in the back which comes and goes when you need to consult your back pain specialist doctor in Gujarat or a general physician. “Why it happens to me?” – People mostly ask this question and for that, below I’m sharing a few things that cause you back pain.

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Are you stressed out?

As per a famous chiropractor, emotional outlook plays a vital role in causing back pain. If you are tensed for a long period then that muscle tension can cause to aches. Few common areas that triggered back pain include the neck and shoulder areas and lower back. In that case, you need to try relaxation techniques like deep breathing, a few minutes of walk, and Yoga. Don’t stress much, take everything positively!

Are you wearing high heels?

“Yes, but how it can bother my back?” I know, for those fashion-conscious dolls it’s hard to quit wearing heels or for a famous personality it isn’t possible to eliminate or discard heels from the wardrobe. But you have to as heels can make you lean forward to walk and put extra pressure on the feet and cause you to not fully extend the calf. This can put stress and strain on the lower back which can cause pain. If you’re in the profession where you have to wear high heels then invest in a nice pair of heels that can make you comfortable and your posture perfect.

Do you have tight pants in your wardrobe?

How it can be? Of course, skinny jeans can surely affect adversely to your back. Because, tight jeans constrict the body which limits your motion range and can strain your back, shoulders, and back. So what should you choose to stay away from back pain and stylish both? Well, choose clothes that are snug but not tight and fabric also plays an important role. Buy quality clothes!

The bottom line,

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Although, there are many reasons behind back pain which include a bad diet, duff sitting position, smoking, if you’re dehydrated, and many more. So, spread awareness among people about back pain and tell them to have a routine check-up with spine specialist surgeon in Ahmedabad & seek treatment. Stay fit & fine!

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