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Why do people prefer solar pool heating system over any other source of heating water?

Why do people prefer solar pool heating system over any other source of heating water?

Heating the swimming pool outdoor with the help of a solar pool heating system is the best way of lowering your electricity bills and keeping your pool always warm. This system is easy to be installed and would also last for several years offering you free of cost hot water.

It is just like the house heating system which may turn huge amount of energy from the sun into a useful source. This system is simple to be installed and operated. You just need one solar panel and some pipes. The typical system may offer a sufficient amount of heat for the pool in the garden of any shape and size.

The flat heater comes really on its own during the spring as well as autumn months while the mornings as well as evenings are cool for a normal usage in the pool. By installing this system, the usage of normal pool may go up to 4 months every year with the usage of heat energy from sun. The kind of system would vary for every design, sunlight available as well as the location, but the basic principal is the same every time.

Earlier, for heating the water of an outdoor pool, spa, we had to employ electric heater, a propane heater, a gas-heater or conserve heat, which is already there in the pool by employing a cover for the pool. Today, things have drastically changed and now we can easily employ sun’s energy for heating water with the help of the solar pool heating system.

A comfortable temperature of the pool is quite low as compared to the other uses of hot-water like showers and baths. The flat panel collectors are quite efficient at low temperature and thus are quite well suited for heating the pool where large amount of water needs to be heated up to a few degrees more than the ambient temperature.
solar pool heating

How does it work?

A solar pool heating system doesn’t need to be very complicated. The typical system comprises of flat panel collector, a pump, a filter and a few tubes. The water in the pool is circulated through the flat panel collector generally mounted on the roof or right next to the swimming pool.

The solar panel or the panels may either be glazed or even glazed. The water in the system is heated by the solar energy of the sun that’s absorbed by water which flows over or it is absorbed through panel before the hot water returns back to the pool. A filter which is optional is also used for removing dirt as well as debris before water may be pumped though collector and goes back to the pool with the help of the suitable copper or plastic tubes.

The heat system of the pool doesn’t need a separate tank for storing the water as the pool itself works like a tank. In most of the cases, the filter pump of the pool may be used for circulating the water in the pool through filter and collector which make the system active with forced circulation of hot water.

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