Are you looking for the best packaging solution for wrapping your pallets? Then, you need to choose Pallet Shrink Wrap. This wrapper is thin, stronger, durable, and let you wrap the pallets by using less amount of stretch film. There are many companies who are manufacturing stretch wraps at a very competitive price. It is crucial for you to use the best pallet wrapping machine to make these wraps and use them to protect your expensive products while shipping.

Here are the key differences that you can notice between shrink and stretch wrappers that are used to wrap the pallets;

Stretch wrapper

This is alike to that of a stretchable plastic wrapper which can be wrapped around the products. As the name suggests, this thin Stretch Wrap is stretchable. The elasticity in this wrapper will not let the products loaded to get shaky or misplaced. Basically, this is made of superior quality polyethylene plastic material. This type of wrapper is widely used to wrap the products and loads that are stored on the pallets to transfer them safely from the production house to the shipping area. Examples of stretch wrappers include vented pallet wrap, anti-static stretch film, pre-stretched stretch film, etc.

Stretch Wrap

Advantages that are offered by the durable Stretch Wrap include

  • Highly protective: When you wrap the products with this material, the products remain safe and secure without getting prone to dust and other environmental pollutants. Basically, a few products that are prone to dust and grime would get deteriorated. Also, this wrapper will protect the products from the sun with the help of the UV films.
  • Inexpensive: This wrapper is cost-effective over the other pallet stretch wrapper types. More importantly, the equipment needed to produce this wrapper is less expensive over the other wrapping types.
  • Easy to adapt: This is available in a wide range of films, thus letting you to use this wrapper for different applications and surfaces.

Shrink wrapper

This wrapper is loose when wrapped around the product or load and this can be shrunk by applying the heat. This is made of high quality polyolefin plastic material. This wrapper is perfect to protect the products from dust, grime and other environmental factors. More importantly, you can wrap the small items together in this wrapper rigidly. Basically, this type of wrapper is used to wrap the food products including meat, cheese, vegetables, etc.

Stretch wrapper

Advantages that are offered by shrink wrapper include

  • Protective: This is ideal to choose to protect the products that get damaged soon when exposed to dust, grime and moisture.
  • Do not damage the surface of the products: When you wrap this wrapper around the products properly, then the products will never get damaged due to chafing. Also, you can store the products by wrapping them with this wrapper for a longer period.
  • Easy to breathe: This is used to wrap the food products, since the material is breathable, thus letting the food items to receive ventilation without getting perished soon due to accumulation of moisture.


If you are looking to rigidly wrap the products that are transported on the pallets, then you need to choose either stretch or the best Pallet Shrink Wrap that is best suited for your application.

Source: Difference Between Shrink And Stretch Wrappers