Reblocking Melbourne

Understanding the Process of Reblocking

Understanding the Process of Reblocking

The foundation of any house is the most significant feature which offers it a safe and strong support to the building over the ground which highlights the importance of Reblocking Melbourne. As it is with the physical support, foundation of the building is bound for developing the wear and tear with time. The factors which influence the degeneration include conditions of soil, dimensions of the property, as well as the weather conditions of the place.

In case there is any kind of signs of the cracks on the building’s foundation, then it has to be replaced or repaired immediately.

Why do you need Reblocking Melbourne?

When stumps which form the building’s foundation are affected, the house might become unsafe as well as unstable for your family. With Reblocking, the contractors help in fixing the issues related to deterioration, rotting as well as cracking of the building’s foundation. The stumps which are damaged may either be replaced or reinforced according to needs of the property.

When do you need got reblock your house?

It’s quite common for the homeowners as well as other people in Melbourne to not consider the maintenance of the building’s foundation. One big reason may be that the property stumps lies just below and aren’t visible readily for the purpose of monitoring. In case there are any signs of major damage to the roof or the walls of the house, the homeowners spot it and get it fixed. However, if concrete or timber stumps which support the building develop some issues, they may go unnoticed for some time.

While the foundation of the building deteriorates, there’re some signs which alert the families may look for.

These include:

Slanting or uneven floors- floors are the best indicators of the health of the foundation of the building. As the stumps are directly attached to the floor, any kind of issues with the building’s foundation would be reflected on the flooring. In case you feel slant while you walk in your house or uneven texture between the steps, the foundation has to be fixed.

Cracked lines on tile flooring- for the homeowners who’ve installed the tiles, fine cracks may develop over the while the stumps start rusting, rotting or expanding.

The process of Reblocking Melbourne

The process of stumping is undertaken carefully. A detailed approach towards Reblocking Melbourne is undertaken. The contractors understand the significance of foundation stumps and also the urgency of solving the issues.

The process includes;

  • The very first step includes assisting the worn-out or the cracked foundation of the stumps through jacks
  • Then the team excavates the soil for reaching the base of foundation
  • The older stumps are eradicated and their replacement is hung over the vacated holes
  • Before contractors pour concrete for fixing new stumps they survey levels of the flooring above stumps

In case the flooring is at the level concrete is poured into the holes which are excavated and new stumps are then inserted.

So this is how the process of Reblocking Melbourne is undertaken.


The process of Reblocking Melbourne is undertaken by professional contractors. They first analyse the property and then proceed with the project.

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