When the plaster ceiling of a home is crumbling, cracked, or sagging, it can make an interior space look less attractive. Unfortunately, this is not a problem that will repair itself and ignoring the issue can lead to further damage. Before a homeowner begins a DIY approach to Plaster Ceiling Repair, it is vital they know what is causing the repair issue and what type of plaster ceiling they have in place.

There are two main types of plaster ceilings. Houses built after the 1950s typically have plasterboard ceilings. This type of ceiling is similar to drywall, in application, and much easier to repair and replace. Houses built before the 50s generally have lath and plaster ceilings. This type of ceiling was applied in three layers of lime putty. Mixing lime and more modern gypsum materials will lead to improper Plaster Ceiling Repair since the same materials must be used as the original for the best results.

Homeowners should follow these four tips for the best results:

  • Homeowners who have a plaster ceiling in Perth need to make sure they remove a section of the plaster, using a chisel and hammer. The section removed should be in a square or rectangle shape so a patch can easily be made. One should never begin chipping away at the plaster randomly.
  • When removing the damaged portion of the ceiling, the homeowner needs to make sure they have something solid to anchor the new piece against. If the plaster is backed by lath, there will be no issue but if it is not, one will have to expose at least one joist before creating a patch when they repair plaster ceiling.
  • The patch one replaces the removed section with should be slightly smaller than the area removed. The measurements do not have to be exact but it is important the new piece fits in snuggly.
  • Drywall tape must be used to blend the seams in with the rest of the ceiling. This tape seals off the seams and then allows the ceiling to be covered with drywall compound and then painted.

If you are finding it difficult to understand how to repair plaster ceiling, you are not alone. Many homeowners find the task of properly repairing their plaster ceiling arduous and time-consuming. Instead of taking a DIY approach, hire the professional ceiling fixers in Perth. For more information, visit Perth Ceiling and Walls or call directly at 0414 213 006.