Horse Supplies

Some information about Horse Supplies you should know

Some information about Horse Supplies you should know

If you are passionate about horses, then you must know all about best horse supplies products. A variety of supplies are available in the market for the betterment of the health and stamina of your horse. Southern Cross feeds provide a range of products for the horses. The horse feeds are cooked and processed well, so that it can be digested well by your horse. The manufacturers and the suppliers are well aware of their customers’ need. So they take extreme care to in making the products. All the grains are purchased under high surveillance just to ensure the quality of the product.

Horse Supplies

Horse Supplies: Products Available

A range of Horse Supplies is available. Keeping in mind the need of horses the South Cross feeds has brought numerous products in the market. Some of the products are here as follows:

  • For the racing horses, the company has brought the series of racing feeds that enhance the strength of the horses at a greater rate. Products like Eureka Gold, Eureka Myocare, Eureka Platinum and Eureka Silver gives a boost of energy to the athlete horses, that is, which are meant for racing. These products generally contain the highest percentage of vitamins prebiotics and fatty acids, specially meant for the horses that are under training or gives high performance. High level of magnesium and anti-oxidants are also available in some of the products in this range. To meet the energy requirement of the high performance horses, oat corns has been also used in some of the products in this range.
  • Another range of feed is the complete feed for the horses. This range of feed has been launched so that your horse can get all the nutritional value in one single product. This range includes Breeding complete, Equestrian complete and Performance complete. At the times when hay and other food products of horses become expensive, these products can be as complete food solution for your horses.  It contains all the nutritional value that is needed for your horse.
  • Another range of horse feeds are available in the market, particularly for the breeding horses. This range contains Eureka Breeding Concentrate and MNF Pellet. These products are good for the pregnant and developing horses. These products are rich in vitamins which are good for the developing and lactating horses.
  • Another product is the Eureka cool Performance Pellet. This formula is used to condition horses. It contains a high percentage of vitamins and chelated minerals.

How to get Horse supplies?

If you care for your horses and you think that these horse supplies are really good for them, then don’t hesitate to contact the suppliers. You can feel free to contact on the numbers given on the given website.

The experts are there to help you find the correct range of horse food and food supplements for your horses. You can leave your message or any other query on the websites. The experts will soon reply to your queries because they have excellent kinds of after sales support team to help the customers and resolve their queries in no time.

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