Sliding and security doors coming in handy for all

Sliding and security doors coming in handy for all

A door may be referred to as a moving structure used to close off, and permit access to, a passageway to or inside of an encased space, for example, a building or vehicle. Similar outside structures are called doors. Normally, doors have an interior side that faces the inside of a space and an outside side that faces the outside of that space.

What is a sliding door?

A sliding door is a kind of entryway which opens on a level plane by sliding, whereby the door is either mounted on or suspended from a track. There are various types of sliding doors such as:

  • Pocket doors
  • Paradise doors
  • Sidestep doors

Sliding doors are usually utilized for shower doors, glass entryways, screen doors, and closet entryways.

The mechanism utilised to work a sliding entryway is called sliding door gear. There are two standard sorts, top hung or base moving systems.

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Top hung system

The ‘top hung’ framework is regularly utilized. The entryway is hung by two trolley holders at the highest point of the door running in a covered track; all the weight is taken by the holders, making the door simple to move.

At every end is a track plug to ingest any effect made if the door is pummelled and to hold the entryway in the open or shut position. All top hung sliding door gear frameworks have a most extreme weight limit per pair of trolley holders. At the point when determining a suitable sliding framework the evaluated weight of the entryway is a discriminating element, although most suppliers of sliding door apparatus can exhort on door weights.


As the entryway is hung at the top from two centres, it needs extra aides at the base to keep it from swinging sideways. The most well-known type is called ‘clear threshold directing’, a floor-settled plastic aide around 60mm wide which is altered underneath the door at the midpoint of its run. A depression is cut into the entryway’s base which keeps running over this aide, forestalling sidelong development of the entryway. With a glass door the board goes through the aide as delineated. Since it is constantly occupied with the aide, when the entryway is open the floor is clear, thus ‘clear limit’.


A few illustrations of free standing top hung sliding entryway closets can be seen on a few sites. The instruments are protected and the doors’ base is held set up on tracks. The rollers even have security bolts that keep the entryways from hopping of the tracks.

In some cases a top hung system can’t be utilized, as the entryway’s heaviness can’t be bolstered from above; for this situation a base moving system is prescribed

A base moving framework comprises of two rollers at the entryway’s base running on a track and two aides at the top running in an aide channel. As all the entryway’s heaviness is focused on the two base wheels, more force is expected to move the entryway than on a top hung framework.

Sliding security doors are gaining popularity among all with time and are expected to be further more convenient in the near future.

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