how much do you spend on an engagement ring

Guidance for How Much to Spend on an Engagement Ring

Guidance for How Much to Spend on an Engagement Ring

Engagement is a once is a life time event in a person’s life. The sentiment attached to that perfect moment when one proposes is everlasting and very precious for both the man and the woman. Generally most people desire everything to be perfect while proposing. From the venue to the dress, to the timing and the setting, everything is looked upon to create the right mood and the perfect setting. But the most important thing that is stressed upon for an engagement is the engagement ring. People usually spend hours to find and select the right piece for their engagement. How much do you spend on an engagement ring depends on individual budget and preferences. This differs from one person to another.

Rocks & Rings is a renowned consulting company that provides in-depth knowledge and assistance to customers while choosing and buying the perfect diamond studded engagement ring. This company has been in the field for the past few years and has the widest collection of engagement rings. One can browse through the various consultation options available at the online website and decide upon a ring based on how much do you spend on an engagement ring and individual likes.

Guide to the right ring

Rocks & Rings provides assistance for selecting and buying the best piece of diamond at all times. With the genuine help and guidance of the company executive one can buy the best engagement ring that is likely to make the moment memorable and a lifetime experience for both partners.

The executives of the company do the following;

  1. Free consultation with the client to discuss about the company, how to provide assistance, etc.
  2. Listen and note down the client’s preferences, likes, desires, etc. it is also important that before going to shop you should decide that how much do you spend on an engagement ring, etc.
  3. Hunt for the perfect engagement ring accordingly
  4. Research, collect information about jewelers and diamond specialists
  5. Combine the client’s preferences and the jewelers suggestions and get approval from the client
  6. Give in the orders to the jeweler for the ring to be made as per the correct size, design and budget
  7. Show the finished engagement ring to the client and hand it over on approval
  8. Discuss and assist on insurance, warranty, general care and maintenance

The extra bit

Apart from providing guidance throughout the search and making to the purchase of the perfect engagement ring, the company goes one step extra to make the engagement memorable for both partners. The consultants of the firm also provide assistance is selecting the location, making all arrangements at the venue and setting the place up for the event.

The company provides first class service as per the demands of the clients and also depending on what the client considers as appropriate as to how much do you spend on an engagement ring and an engagement set up. The company has various package options for both the ring and the event.

The consultation firm also has a quick service facility in case of an emergency. They usually take at least two weeks for the ring. But for emergency cases, the engagement ring can be arranged within three days.

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