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Interesting Facts about the Rubber Stamps You Never Know

Interesting Facts about the Rubber Stamps You Never Know

We are assuredly proud on the versatility of Rubber stamps ranging from wooden and traditional to date stamps & self-inking stamps. Think, what was happened in past years people couldn’t have any choice to stamp?

Consider the old big rubber stamps that were used in the offices. Nowadays, the variety of rubber stamps inclusive of self-inking stamps, Date stamps, Embossing stamps, etc. is available in the market. You can use these stamps to add tangible value and productivity to your business. Let’s glance at the history of the rubber stamps.

Rubber stamps

History of the Rubber Stamps

According to the resources, in 1736 Charles Marie de la discovered rubber and sent to a France. After vulcanization of rubber, it was used to make any products. First of all the metal stamps were coming out around in the 1860s.

The rubber stamps were coming after the metal stamps, was invented to mark and identify the brand of the manufacturer. First of all, the carved stamps are made in China. They used the text stamps, by dipping them into ink and print.

That time, rubber was ideal for the denture molds, because of vulcanization it became famous to make actual rubber stamps. The first made rubber stamps were failed, as using the solvent-containing ink.

After 1860, as the industry was grown, the rubber stamps became popular to imprint something on paper. The stamps were made from rubber and mounted with the handle made by the Walnut or cherry wood.

In the United States of America, there were approx. 4000 stamps dealers were available at that time. At early 1900, the stamp industry was established in the USA, and after that, the handle was made by the plastic instead of wood. In the 1970’s, the self-inking stamps were introduced with a built-in ink pad. The date stamps were also become popular to stamp the date on the paper. Rubber stamps have come a long way and proving popular some 150 years since the earliest versions started to be made.

Considering all type of stamps, are used for the shipping, for business work, artwork, etc. They all are easily customizable for all your needs and preferences. You can get the different category wised stamp posted on paper, whether it is a government office, private office, banks, corporations, law offices, and also medical centers.

Some facts about the Rubber stamps

Apart from that, the amazing facts about the rubber stamps are given below:

  • The stamps are used to print impression on the cloth, clay, soft material, fabric as well. These types of stamps have block and dye with the exceptional grip.
  • The idea behind the stamping is, “Don’t write it-Stamp it”, so you can avoid writing repetitively. Consequently, the same impressions like company logo, signatures, name etc.
  • The stamps and dentistry are connected together because both use a vulcanized rubber. For denture, molds are made by the rubber to fit out the teeth, and in stamps, the rubber is used to print particular text.
  • The inventor of the rubber stamp invented it accidentally while cutting stencils out of sheets. The piece of rubber had fallen on the ink and created a print.
  • Rubber stamp was so important at that time; it had its own trade magazine. The publication Stamp Trade News was very popular a century ago.
  • The latest rubber made stamps are customized, and built to order movable parts to allow the numbers or letters, such as date stamps. In the new era, other than the traditional stamps, the pre-inked and self-inking stamps are also

The rubber stamps with the variety are popular for the great accuracy, cost-effectiveness, clear impression, style of stamp etc.

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