You may know that termites are not dangerous for people since they are not poisonous and do not usually bite people. However, the cost of termite damage can be extensive and may require a large amount of money from the owner to get the termite control Sydney service. Mr Pest Controller, the best pest control Sydney advises that the best way to get rid of termites in a home is for the owner to make preparations at home to prevent termites from finding their property attractive in the first place.

Here are the ideas that you can acquire for the termite control in your home:

  • Repairing broken roof tiles can let moisture in and create the perfect environment for termites to start chewing and set up their nests.
  • Observe the air conditioning: if you have an air conditioning unit in a window, do not lose sight of it. The moisture dripping from an air conditioner can dampen the wood surrounding the windows and create an attractive area for termite infestation.
  • Throw the old boxes: termites love to eat things like cardboard boxes. If you have many of them in your home, the risk of termites finding your home increases. Store things in plastic boxes instead of cardboard, so if a termite enters the attic, do not start chewing the boxes.
  • Check the wood: During the spring and summer seasons, termites become more active and you, as the owner, need to be proactive. Take the time to check the wooden beams and exposed wooden areas around your house. Press your thumb or fingers against the exposed wood and if the wood crumbles, you probably have termites. Pick it up early and you can get rid of the termites and stop the damage.
  • Throw the waste wood: You can store wood for the fire, of course, but be careful where you store it. Stacking the wood against the side of the house can be a problem and can attract termites to your home.
  • Take care about the plants: Observe the type of mulch you use in your garden. Use a mulch made of alternative materials such as gravel or rubber instead of wood. Make sure the mulch is not leaning against your house.
  • Moisture cannot be ignored: watch for leaks in pipes or any place where there is wet wood.
  • Door and window sealing: When swarms of termites come out, they can enter through broken windows and doors with cracks and openings.
  • Get rid of cloth piles: Termites look for cellulose and certain fabrics can be as attractive as wood for termites. Collect piles of clothes, store them properly and avoid an invasion of termites.
  • Inspect wooden floors: Termites will chew any wood they find and not just wooden beams. Check if there is sponginess on the wooden floors, inspect the patio’s wooden furniture. Check the decks and other wooden structures on your property.

Depend on the property you can use the service of good pest control Sydney, that also provide the termite control Sydney service, and you can check many providers in Australia if you already do this and still have the termite in your home.