End Of Lease Cleaning Based On Season

End Of Lease Cleaning Based On Season

Are you vacating your home and planning to hire End of Lease Cleaning Melbourne services? Then, you need to hire the best one who is using the latest equipment and chemical free cleaning solutions to clean every corner of the home thoroughly. Basically, end of tenancy cleaning has to be carried out by every tenant while leaving the place to get back their security deposits from the landlord.

The landlord will pay back the deposits after inspecting the home thoroughly and finding that it is neat and fresh as it was given before at the time of leasing. However, this cleaning can be carried out by the tenant but would be a stressful and time-consuming task. Moreover, if cleaning is not done thoroughly, then the landlord will deduct an amount for damages from the deposits and give the rest of the money.

To avoid this situation and get the entire security deposits, it is perfect to hire a professional End of Lease Cleaning Melbourne services. These people come to your place, carry out cleaning and hand over the home by meeting the cleanliness requirements of the landlord.

There is no perfect season to move to new premises. No matter whether you are moving into summer, autumn, spring, or winter season, handing over the home in a good condition to the landlord, keep you on good terms with him/her. So, for doing this job, hiring a professional would be apt.

Here is the cleaning process that is carried out by the expert End of Lease Cleaning Melbourne service based on the season you are moving;

  • Winter: During the biting winter season, you would use the fireplace regularly to warm the rooms in your home. When you are moving in winter and hired a cleaning team, these people perform additional tasks such as collecting and disposing ashes from the fireplace, cleaning the chimney that is clogged with ash and dust.
  • Spring: If you are moving during spring season, then the professional cleaners will clean the windows and gutters thoroughly. In addition, they inspect the entire home to detect the damages which you need to repair quickly. Moreover, these people also carry out pressure washing of your home exterior to drain out the grown mold and mildew.
  • Summer: Cleaning in summer is a stressful task, since insects start to enter into your home. The professional cleaners will remove the spider webs, termites, dust and clean the windows, glass doors and other areas of the home thoroughly. Most importantly, they vacuum clean and mop the entire floor and give a fresh look to your vacating home. In addition, they follow proper sanitation practices to clean bathrooms and carpets.
  • Autumn: There are leaves dropping in your home premises during autumn. However, cleaners will clean patios, windows, roofs, and gutters neatly. If you are planning to move in this season, the cleaners will clean the premises thoroughly and dispose the debris while leaving the home premises neat and spotless


If you are moving to a new home and worried about the end of tenancy cleaning, then you can hire professional End of Lease Cleaning Melbourne services. These people carry out the cleaning work while leaving you with peace of mind.

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