Emergency Electrician Services In 2016

Emergency Electrician Services In 2016

Windon Electrical Services provide a 24 / 7 emergency electrician service for inner west residencies and businesses. The role of an emergency electrician has changed enormously over.

the last 10 years as electrical technology has evolved and the modern electrician needs to be across all areas of electronic control systems as well as ‘standard’ electrical devices and circuitry. An emergency call out for an electrician could involved working on a vast range of systems and equipment.These include:

  1. Tripping of circuit breakers. Faultfinding exactly why circuit breakers repeatedly trip can be a complex process. If you find that your power outlets trip and the breakers cannot be reset then you could be without cooking, heating and lighting, requiring urgent response from an emergency electrical call out service. The causes of this particular issue could be due to a faulty switchboard, a faulty circuit breaker, faulty appliances plugged into electrical outlets, defective wiring, short circuits in wiring, a blown element in a hot water system or faulty r.c.d. safety switches. It can take a logical, step by step approach to track down the cause of the breakers tripping and then rectifying the problem with electrical component replacement or rewiring of the defective cabling.
  2. Loss of hot water. It is very alarming to find that your electric hot water system has failed and that you and your family now face a situation of no hot water fr showering or washing. An emergency electrician will generally try and determine if the issue is a failure of the hot water system or the loss of power to the system. It is often necessary to determine if circuit breakers or fuses have blown and if they have, to determine exactly why they have blown. The electrical resistance of the hot water system element can be measured to determine if the heater element has gone ‘open circuit’ and needs replacing. It can also be that the thermostat is faulty and needs replacing. It is not always the case that the entire hot water system needs replacing which can be a time consuming, and therefore expensive process.
  3. Smoke or sparking from electrical components. If you notice electrical arcing or smoke coming from your electrical switchboard this could represent a real fire hazard and an emergency electrician should be called. The causes could be varied, but could include water ingress into the switchboard, intermittent electrical contacts, defective wiring, defective circuit breakers, old and intermittent fuse holders or other problems which may be due to the age of the switchboard.

Emergency electrical services need to deliver a fast response time to requests for assistance, transparent pricing and skilled electricians. By providing a 7 day a week, 24 hour a day service, it is reassuring to clients in inner west Sydney to know they can get their electrical issues resolved quickly, safely and in a professional manner. More details on our emergency call out service can be found here.

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