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Difference Between Steam Cleaning and Hot Water Extraction you Didn’t Know

Difference Between Steam Cleaning and Hot Water Extraction you Didn’t Know

The phrases steam cleaning and hot water extraction are regularly used interchangeably these days, but the reality is they’re two one of a kind carpet and/or upholstery cleansing procedures. The two techniques use precise water temperatures and one among a type cleaning solutions relying on the approach. Before having your Carpet Cleaning Heidelberg professionally, it’s an amazing concept to recognize the difference amongst steam cleaning and hot water extraction cleansing.

Steam v/s hot water extraction

The principle distinction between steam cleansing and hot water extraction is the temperature used at a few level within the device. Steam cleansing uses actual steam and calls for heating water to an immoderate enough temperature to convert it from liquid to gasoline. Utilizing directly steam to carpets isn’t overly powerful due to the fact there’s no rinsing of the fibres so even as it can help kill germs and decrease allergens, it’s now not the quality manner to get rid of stains and soil.

Hot water extraction calls for water hot sufficient to clean efficiently and deeply however not heat sufficient that it converts to steam. There’s normally visible steam all through hot water extraction cleaning, however it’s certainly particularly hot water and no longer natural steam.


Carpet manufacturers generally recommend cleaning their products with hot water extraction for effective stain elimination. Carpet Cleaning Heidelberg and rugs calls for a lower temperature to avoid shrinking and one-of-a-kind harm. Hot water extraction treats and gets rid of stains at the same time as steam cleaning can genuinely purpose stains to set in permanently.


At some level inside the new water extraction method, specialists usually observe a cleaning answer first to loosen and break up soil. Then they spray hot water onto the carpet fibres and extract it proper away to flush the fibres clean and do away with soil and stains. Despite the fact that there are steam cleaners and extractors to be had for rental or buy, doing the system yourself may not be the best concept as those varieties of cleaners can soak the carpet, leave detergent residue and purpose mildew without right ventilation for drying. Expert cleaners comply with a manner that prevents leaving detergent residue in the back of as that live can trap dirt and cause grimy carpets faster. Expert Carpet steam cleaning Whittlesea remove as a variety of the water as viable and make certain that the carpets dry fast.

Hot water extraction

The terms steam cleansing and heat water extraction have become jumbled, which makes it more difficult when you’re searching for to make the quality preference. Hot water extraction is the higher desire for cleansing, and that is the method used by most expert carpet cleaners, even individuals who seek advice from their cleaning as “steam cleaning.” as steam cleaning doesn’t rinse the fibres, it’s important to invite the cleaners to explain their cleansing technique in detail.

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