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Why CCTV installation Melbourne is Important in the Retail Industry?

Why CCTV installation Melbourne is Important in the Retail Industry?

In this tough economic time, security from vandalism, theft and break-in is fundamentally important in all walks of life so as to ensure the overall safety and valuable belongings of all individuals are completely protected.  When it comes to retail sector, retailers are always looking for prudent ways to protect their hard earned profits by minimising burglary and other criminal activity such as break-in and employee stealing, etc., As per the research, the retail industry loses billions of dollars per year to employee theft and shoplifting. Fortunately, with the advancement in the technology now retailers can take advantage of CCTV installation Melbourne, which offers a level of performance and value that would not have been imaginable in the past.

Installing CCTV will give retailers an opportunity to keep close watch on the every staff member and every corner of their retails store. When you look in the Melbourne security market, you will find wide range of retail security solutions for any sized premises from large superstores to small newsagents and budget. You can pick up the best surveillance system as per your need and budget.

cctv installation melbourne

Why CCTV Camera Installation is Important in the Retail Industry?

  • Protection of Store from Employee Stealing

No store owner wants to think that their employees will steal things from their store, but after all the background investigations and interviews, sometimes some bad people will start stealing the things from the store. If you want to protect your store from theft attack then CCTV camera installation is the ideal way to go. CCTV with video and audio recording functionalities will give you options to track all the activities going on in your store can eliminate instances of employee theft.

  • Shoplifting Chances are reduced

A CCTV camera can be protective barrier between your store and shoplifters. A shoplifter won’t dare to enter a retail store which is equipped with the CCTV security system. In case if anything wrong happens in your store then the security camera can easily help you to identify the individual who committed the crime with the clear images and you can immediately call police and catch the person red handed.

Other Benefits of Installing Retail Security Cameras

  • Workplace Safety

Besides, securing store from criminal activities, CCTV camera installation makes the workplace safe and secure by monitoring employees and surveying the floor for any safety risks. For instance, the CCTV camera can trace occurrences of employee abuse or harassment towards other employees, which can be used as evidence against the opponents.

  • Increasing Productivity and Store Management

Security cameras can also perk up efficiency. Just the existence of security cameras can make employees more attentive of how their time is used up, and this helps improving the efficiency and customer services.


So, these are some the benefits of installing CCTV security cameras in your retail store. If you are planning to install a CCTV in a Melbourne retail store then you can contact EDS Technology, which offers full list of security systems services and CCTV installation Melbourne for the protection of your residential or commercial space.

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