Buy Only the Best Horse Nutrition for Your Horse!

Buy Only the Best Horse Nutrition for Your Horse!


How does the horse owner correctly give food to a horse? With a lot of feed as well as Horse Nutrition and hay choices available, a lot of people discover themselves speculating precisely what their horse wants for high-quality health as well as nutrition. This write up explains your horse’s requirements on nutrition, common guidelines to check when feeding your horse and how to decide if your horse’s nutritional necessities are being met.

Basic Nutrients of horse

When feeding horses, it is significant to recognize that there are the six essential nutrient categories that must be met:

  • The Carbohydrate
  • The protein
  • The fat
  • The vitamins
  • The minerals
  • The Water

Feed companies will balance the primary five types of nutrients for us; though, it is risky not to forget about water.
A normal, healthy horse will drink 5-15 (or more) gallons of water per day depending on temperature, humidity as well as activity level.


Carbohydrates will most likely be the major part of the Horse Nutrition which can be separated into two groups like as;

  • The Structural group or the fibre and
  • The group of Non-structural or the sugars and starches.
  • The fibre type of carbohydrates are present  in the major quantity in the fibre that the horse eats like as hay, grass  and are capable to be digested tanks to the design of the horse’s intestinal tract.

Horse Nutrition


The protein, which is essential for the body growth as well as maintenance, is a nutrient that is badly understood by a lot of horse owners. A growing horse usually wants between 12 and 18 percent crude protein in its diet for appropriate growth and maturity.


Feeding high-fat diets are comparatively latest trend in the horse industry. It has been confirmed that horses can bear a fairly elevated level of fat in their diet.


Vitamins are seriously significant organic compounds. They must be present in the body to facilitate significant reactions to take place that permit the animal to live.


Minerals are one type of critical inorganic materials that must be present in sufficient amounts for the body to function properly.

Simple Calculations to Determine Nutrient Intake

Horse Nutrition requirements differ from each horse to  other horse and it is noteworthy to be able to scrutinize a list of  feed and evaluate whether or not that feed will meet up your horse’s needs. Manufacturers naturally put feeding instructions on the tag to help buyers to determine if the feed is suitable for their horses and how much of it should be fed to each individual.


If you want to scrutinize your feeding program or Horse Nutrition more closely, the most in-depth listing of necessities can be found in the National Research Council (NRC) recommendation for horses (Nutrient Requirements for Horses 6th Edition, 2006). Because there are a lot of myths surrounding the practice of feeding horses that actually have very little or no truth, it is significant to appreciate your horse’s nutritional requirements and be capable to apply your information in a practical manner.

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