The world is working with smartphones which is easy and simple. In present, buy an iPhone which carries all functionality and activity with the latest technology and faster form of an iPhone.

Many questions run into the mind like how much memory storage it could get? What could be paid for an iPhone? As a result, Apple has come with a lot of different Verizon and each generation it comes up with 2 models. It starts with iPhone 5S and 5C and moves with iPhone 6S, iPhone 7, iPhone 8 plus and iPhone x.

Buy An iPhone

10 Reason for iPhone beats Android

  • Best hardware and software integration: it has the new feature that not even any android phones have that is with 3D touchscreen display body is much smart to sense pressure, which helps to move the action faster from home screen itself. IPhone work to be super-efficient.
  • Live photo: iPhone provide pleasing images with accurate colour, by the upcoming generation. And also up with shaper 12-megapixel camera with 4 k video capture. More advanced with new models of iPhone in the market.
  • Easiest phone to use: where android makes to streamline their skins, whereas iPhone remains easiest to use for a long period of time on hand. Apple has folded for many years, but still has zero learning curve, and carry playing especially transit into maps with proactive assistance feature.
  • You can easily update OS whenever you required: with android marshmallow as the last version of Google’s software need to install on device whereas Apple devices running the latest IOS 9 software.
  • Provide the best application first: numbers of app keep on increasing day by day. Where iPhone have selected developers to launch a platform to present the best app.
  • No bloatware: the pain for users to move with all carrier bloatware into a folder which carries the phone memory.
  • Work beautifully with MACs: any time if you have work with Mac than you might understand who it works with OS X where all you need to keep iPhone nearby to work with place calls.
  • Apple pay: the payment made with android and apple come with the best apple pay is the most popular method to make the mobile payment. Is the easy way to use with own our verification.
  • Family sharing: Apple plays with full family by sharing apps on iPhone with the app store, iTunes and iBook with max 6 person. Share photo, calendar, mapping for tracking for family members.
  • Better help and solution with the best solution: at that time of having the problem on android there need to call online for help wherein iPhone you just need to search on cloud database web side with the perfect solution to the problem related to iPhone.


Latest technology work with smart people come on using iPhone with multiple versions and its storage capacity. There are the different version of iPhone mode with multiple storage capacity like iPhone 7 32 GB, iPhone 8 Plus 64GB, iPhone X 256 GB. It works as on the requirement of the customer to buy an iPhone.

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