Different Types of Domestic Pumps that are Installed in Homes

Different Types of Domestic Pumps that are Installed in Homes

Do you want to install Grundfos Water Pumps at your home? If yes, then you need to find the best pumps. Undeniably, water scarcity is the prevailing issues in both urban and rural areas of the world. Though, there is a heavy deluge at your place, still people face water crises. So, to draw the underground water, people have to use pumps. These are the best way to push water from underground and supply them to the homes without any kind of hassle. With umpteen domestic water pump models, it would be overwhelming for a person to choose the best one.

However, when you are choosing a water pump, you would need to check various factors such as volume of water it can supply, pressure, noise it produces and budget. These factors will let you choose the best water pump that meets your domestic needs.

Basically, domestic pumps are used to supply water to homes in order to carry out household activities. These pumps have low water flow rate and consumes less electricity. However, these domestic Grundfos Water Pumps are further divided into different types. And, each one of them is discussed in brief below;

  • Self-Prime Regenerative Pumps: This pump is equipped with vanes on both the sides which will rotate in a circle like conduit that is encased inside a pump like casing. In this type of pump, water will not be pumped out from the impeller’s tip instead the water has to be collected from the bottom of the impeller. These pumps are used to draw cold water that is free from chemicals. This can be installed in your lawn for sprinkling water, gardens or for water supply to your home.
  • Centrifugal pumps: This pump will convert kinetic energy into hydrodynamic energy to supply the water. This pump will let you draw more water from the underground resources. Similar to the self-priming regenerative pumps, these pumps too are used to supply cold water that is free from chemicals. This can be installed in your home to supply water, garden to sprinkle water to the saplings and trees, agricultural land to wet the land and pool to fill water. This pump has a high discharge capacity over the other pumps. This assures high performance and requires minimal maintenance.
  • Submersible pumps: This type of pump is submerged in the water bodies, especially to draw the water that gets accumulated during rains or in open wells. This does not require any kind of priming as the pump is already submerged in the water. These durable Grundfos Water Pumps supply cold water that is free from abrasive particles.
  • Bore well compressor pumps: This type of pump is used to push water from the bore wells that have certain diameters. You would need to use high air pressure to pump out water from deep bore wells of around 600 feet. These are perfect to be installed in the areas where there is muddy water.


If you are planning to buy a pump for your residential purpose, then you need to find the best brand Grundfos Water Pumps that suits your needs from umpteen options. This helps you get water continuously in all seasons without facing water scarcity.

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