Hiring Adelaide based professionals for stump removal services

Hiring Adelaide based professionals for stump removal services

Trees help us in improving the quality of air we breathe, conserving the water & also help in preventing Global warming. You must be wondering if trees offer so many benefits to us, then why we need the services in Tree Removal Adelaide for Stump Removal. Trees are even quite beneficial for the wildlife.

Because of all the reasons stated above, we do not wish to cut the trees down. However, many a times, it becomes quite important to cut the trees. This happens when they become a significant risk to our lives as well as property.

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Let’s have a look at the reasons which compel us to do this task:

  • The top or branches of the trees are dying and may fall down any moment
  • If there is any kind of decay on main-trunk of the tree, the tree will have to be removed
  • If the tree’s leaning above your garden, house, driveway, play-area or patio.
  • If the tree is becoming a threat to your safety

Techniques employed for stump removal

  • Self-Removal – when you opt for self-removal tree removal technique, it’s very important to keep in mind that the tree should falls down safely without causing any damage to the objects or people around. You need to employ appropriate equipments and tools of safety like goggles, hard-hat, etc.Also remember to start with the top most branches. You can work your way downwards & remove the portions which are smaller before reaching the trunk.
  • Traditional Tree Cutting techniques – in this kind of Stump Removal technique, the climber reaches up the tree for cutting the branches of the trees. He makes his way upwards, removing the branches.He employs appropriate measures of safety & climbs up with the help of a rope. Once he has cut down the upper parts, he would start working his way downwards. As the branches fall free on the ground, they can possibly injure the people walking under the tree.
  • Whole Tree Removal – this technique takes a lot of time. Each and every part of the tree’s removed with the help of a rigging-rope. For making the whole proves easy, even cranes can be used.
  • Spar Pole Rigging – Spar Pole is a Stump removal technique which includes the whole tree removal as well as traditional tree cutting techniques. Once all the branches have been trimmed as the climber moves his way upwards. The upper part of the tree is lowered with the help of a rigging-rope.
    This technique of tree removal is used mostly while the tree is very close to the buildings or any parking areas where the free-falling branches are quite risky. Thus, a lot of care needs to be taken while employing this technique of tree removal.
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